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Xorazm Region (Uzbek: Xorazm viloyati, Хоразм вилояти, خارەزم ۋىلايەتى) or Khorezm Region as it is still more commonly known, is a viloyat (region) of Uzbekistan located in the northwest of the country in the lower reaches of the Amu-Darya River. It borders with Turkmenistan, Karakalpakstan, and Bukhara Region. It covers an area of 6,300 square kilometres (2,400 sq mi). The population is estimated to be around 1,200,000, with some 80% living in rural areas.

Khorezm Region is divided into 10 administrative districts. The capital is Urgench (pop est 135,000). Other major towns include Xonqa, Khiva, Shovot, and Pitnak.

Administrative divisionsEdit

Key District name District capital
1 Bog‘ot District Bog‘ot
2 Gurlen District Gurlen
3 Khiva District Khiva
4 Qo‘shko‘pir District Qo‘shko‘pir
5 Shovot District Shovot
6 Urganch District Qorovul
7 Xonqa District Xonqa
8 Xazorasp District Xazorasp
9 Yangiariq District Yangiariq
10 Yangibozor District Yangibozor
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