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Settlement Voronovskoe - a settlement in the Troitsky Administrative Okrug settlement in Moscow. The municipality is located in the central part of the Trinity Administrative District and borders on:

settlement Mikhailovo-Yartsevskoe (in the north);

  • Klyonovskoe settlement (in the east);
  • rural settlement Stremilovskoe Chekhov district (in the south-east);
  • Rogovskoye settlement (in the south and south-west);
  • Kiev settlement (in the west);
  • settlement Novofedorovskoe (in the north-west).

The climate in the settlement is moderately continental, forming due to the humid air of the Atlantic coming from the west . The summer is warm, the winter is moderately cold with a steady snow cover.

Several rivers flow through the territory of the settlement, including the Urine (a tributary of the Pakhra ), the Lopasnya , the Polyanytsya , the Bemenka , the Voronovka , the Aleshinka .

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