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Verkhnekolymsky District (Russian: Верхнеколы́мский улу́с; Yakut: Үөһээ Халыма улууһа, Üöhee Xalıma uluuha, IPA: [ˈyøheː xalɯma uluːha]) is an administrative and municipal district (raion, or ulus), one of the thirty-four in the Sakha Republic, Russia. It is located in the northeast of the republic and borders with Srednekolymsky District in the north and northeast, Magadan Oblast in the east and south, Momsky District in the west, and with Abyysky District in the northwest. The area of the district is 67,800 square kilometers (26,200 sq mi).[2] Its administrative center is the urban locality (a settlement) of Zyryanka

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