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The canton of Valais (French pronunciation: ​[valɛ]; German: Wallis, German pronunciation: [ˈvalɪs]) is one of the 26 cantons of Switzerland, situated in the southwestern part of the country, around the valley of the Rhône from its headwaters to Lake Geneva, separating the Pennine Alps from the Bernese Alps.


Valais is divided into 13 districts, with the district of Raron being further divided into two half-districts. The districts are listed here in geographical order:

Upper Valais:

  • Goms with capital Münster-Geschinen
  • Östlich Raron (half-district) with capital Mörel-Filet
  • Brig with capital Brig-Glis
  • Visp with capital Visp
  • Westlich Raron (half-district) with capital Raron
  • Leuk with capital Leuk

Central Valais:

  • Sierre with capital Sierre
  • Hérens with capital Vex
  • Sion with capital Sion
  • Conthey with capital Conthey

Lower Valais:

  • Entremont with capital Sembrancher
  • Martigny with capital Martigny
  • Saint-Maurice with capital Saint-Maurice
  • Monthey with capital Monthey

There are 143 municipalities in the canton - listed on the Wikipedia page [2]

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