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Southern Liech State is one of the states of South Sudan. It is located in the Greater Upper Nile region and it borders Western Bieh to the east, Jonglei to the southeast, Eastern Lakes to the south, Western Lakes to the southwest, and Tonj to the west.

On 2 October 2015, President Salva Kiir issued a decree establishing 28 states in place of the 10 constitutionally established states. The decree established the new states largely along ethnic lines. A number of opposition parties and civil society groups challenged the constitutionality of the decree. Kiir later resolved to take it to parliament for approval as a constitutional amendment. In November the South Sudanese parliament empowered President Kiir to create new states.

Administrative divisionsEdit

The state consists of 9 counties:

  • Rubkway County
  • Mayiandit County
  • Tharjiath-bour County
  • Panyinjiar County
  • Nyal County
  • Ganyliel County
  • Dhor-wang County
  • Bou County
  • Thornyor County
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