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São João Batista, no longer as São João Baptista is a freguesia (civil parish) of Cape Verde. It covers the western part of the municipality of Ribeira Grande de Santiago, on the island of Santiago. Its seat is Porto Mosquito.

The boundary lies halfway between Porto Gouveia and Cidade Velha and runs north-south with its boundary running west of Salineiro. That portion of the parish consists of shrubs and plateaus and it is an area once used for grazing, that portion is also the sparsely populated area of the island, the northernmost part runs east of Achada Loura and has a part of the Cidade Velha-São Domingos Road (EN2-ST01). Portions of the northern part of the parish forms a part of Pico da Antónia National Park, tiny bits includes Achada Loura near its boundary but the remainder is largely included.

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