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Plettenberg is a town in the Märkischer Kreis, in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

Plettenberg is located to the east of the Sauerland hills. The highest elevation of the city area is in the Ebbegebirge with 663 m above sea level, the lowest elevation with 194 m near Teindeln. The city is spread out between the four valleys of the rivers Lenne, Else, Oester (de) and Grüne.

Plettenberg consists of 5 districts:

  • Plettenberg (city center) (14,012 inhabitants)
  • Eiringhausen (4,905 inhabitants)
  • Holthausen/upper Elsetal (3,985 inhabitants)
  • Oestertal (3,055 inhabitants)
  • Ohle (2,825 inhabitants)
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