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Pernambuco (Brazilian Portuguese: [pɛʁnɐ̃ˈbuku]) is a state of Brazil, located in the Northeast region of the country. The state of Pernambuco also includes the archipelago Fernando de Noronha. With an estimated population of 9.2 million people in 2013, it is the seventh-most populous state of Brazil, and is the sixth-most densely populated and the 19th-most extensive among the states and territories of the country. Its capital and largest city, Recife, is one of the most important economic and urban hubs in the country. As of estimates in 2013, Recife's metropolitan area was at that time the fifth-most populous in the country, and the largest urban agglomeration in northeastern Brazil. The state, which has 4,6% of the Brazilian population, produces only 2,8% of the Brazilian GDP.

In 1982, the city of Olinda was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Olinda and the state capital, Recife, have one of the most traditional Brazilian Carnivals.

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