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Perm Governorate ([Пермская губерния]) – an administrative unit of the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union in 1781–1923. Located on both slopes of the Ural Mountains. The administrative center of the province was the city Perm.

Perm Governorate was divided into 12 uyezds.

European part:

  • Permsky Uyezd
  • Krasnoufimsky Uyezd
  • Kungursky Uyezd
  • Osinsky Uyezd
  • Okhansky Uyezd
  • Solikamsky Uyezd
  • Cherdynsky Uyezd

Asian part:

  • Verkhotursky Uyezd
  • Yekaterinburgsky Uyezd
  • Irbitsky Uyezd
  • Kamyshlovsky Uyezd
  • Shadrinsky Uyezd.
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