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The district Pegnitz belonged to the Bavarian administrative district Upper Franconia . Before the beginning of the Bavarian territorial reform in the early 1970s, the district comprised 64 communities. They came largely to the counties Bayreuth and Forchheim.

The district bordered in 1972 clockwise, starting in the north, to the districts Bayreuth , Eschenbach in the Upper Palatinate, Hersbruck, Forchheim and Ebermannstadt.

District Office The District Office Pegnitz was formed in 1862 by the merger of the regional courts Pegnitz and Pottenstein.

The district office Lauf an der Pegnitz was formed in 1908 by hiving off from the district offices Hersbruck and Pegnitz.

County On January 1, 1939, the nationwide denomination district was introduced. Thus, from the district office of the district Pegnitz.

On 1 July 1972, the district Pegnitz was dissolved as part of the territorial reform in Bavaria

  • The communities Bärnfels, Behringersmühle, Bieberbach, Geschwand, Gößweinstein , Kleingesee , Leutzdorf, Moggast, Morschreuth, Obertrubach, Stadelhofen, Unterailsfeld, Wichsenstein and Wolfsberg came to the district of Forchheim.
  • The community Höfen came to the district of Lauf an der Pegnitz , which received its present name Landkreis Nürnberger Land on 1 May 1973 .
  • All other communities came to the district of Bayreuth.
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