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Pecherskyi District (Ukrainian: Печерський район) is an urban district of Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. It line within the eponymous historical neighborhood, while also including some other historical areas. The Pechersk (Ukrainian: Печерськ, Pechers'k) neighborhood is located on the hills adjoining the right bank of the Dnieper River. The two geographic entities are often confused together. The Pecherskyi District can be considered as the very heart of Ukraine.

Since the 1930s, Pechersk is also considered the political center of the city and the phrase "Pechersk Hills" became a metonym for the Ukrainian government and/or political elite. This refers to many branches of the Government of Ukraine such as the Verkhovna Rada (parliament), the office of the President, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (formerly the Ukrainian SSR cabinet), the Supreme Court of Ukraine situated close to each other.

However, this "political area" is in fact the Lypky historical neighborhood within Pecherskyi District, not the Pechersk neighborhood itself. Lypky is also notable by its consistent and distinctive Soviet architecture, purposely designed for an elite quarter of government buildings and highest statesmen' residence.

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