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The Parliament of Navarre (Spanish Parlamento de Navarra, Basque Nafarroako Parlamentua) or also known as Cortes de Navarra is the Navarre autonomous unicameral parliament.

The Parliament's functions are regulated by the "Organic Law on the Reintegration and Improvement of the Autonomous Regime in Navarre" (Ley Orgánica de Reintegración y Amejoramiento del Régimen Foral de Navarra, also known as LORAFNA). These functions include representing the Navarre people, approving the laws and General Budget and electing and controlling the President, as in any other parliamentary system.

Currently, the Parliament is composed by 50 members. The chamber's size can be set by law between 40 and 70. Representatives are elected directly for four-year terms and all renewed simultaneously.

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