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The Parliament of Galicia (Galician: Parlamento de Galicia) is the unicameral legislature of the autonomous community of Galicia, Spain. It is formed by 75 deputies (deputados). Deputies are elected every four years in ordinary period, or extraordinarily upon dissolution and call of elections by the President of the Xunta of Galicia, by universal suffrage in proportional lists with the four Galician provinces serving as constituencies.

The Parliament:

  • Exercises legislative power.
  • Controls the executive branch or Xunta de Galicia.
  • Has power over the budget of Galicia.
  • Approves Acts and Statutes.
  • Appoints the senators for Galicia in the Spanish Senate
  • Appoints the President of the Xunta from among its members.
  • Demands accountability from the President and Government of Galicia.
  • Has the ability to propose State laws to the Spanish Parliament and request further enhancements of the autonomy and self-government via organic laws.
  • Sponsors constitutional lawsuits to protect its devolved powers before the Constitutional Court of Spain.
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