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Pardubice Region (Czech: Pardubický kraj; Polish: Kraj pardubicki) is an administrative unit (Czech: kraj) of the Czech Republic, located mainly in the eastern part of its historical region of Bohemia, with a small part in northwestern Moravia. It is named after its capital Pardubice. As an administrative unit, Pardubice Region has in the course of history existed three times. It was established for the first time in 1850, and extended from Český Brod to the Bohemian-Moravian border. In its second existence, it was one of 19 regions as they were set between 1949 and 1960. After 1960, Pardubice became the capital of Pardubice district, which made part of the Eastern Bohemian Region (capital Hradec Králové). The Pardubice Region as it is now was reestablished in 2000.

The Pardubice Region is divided into 4 districts:

There are a total of 451 municipalities in the region (as of 2011). Among these are 15 municipalities with extended powers and 26 municipalities with a delegated municipal office. Thirty-two of the municipalities are classified as towns. The regional central offices are in Pardubice.

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