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An overseas department (French: département d’outre-mer or DOM) is a department of France that is outside metropolitan France. They have nearly the same political status as metropolitan departments, although they have special constitutional provisions that allow them greater autonomy and are excluded from certain domestic statistics, such as the unemployment rate. The overseas departments are not the same as the overseas collectivities, which have a legally distinct status. As integral parts of France and the European Union, overseas departments are represented in the National Assembly, Senate, and Economic and Social Council, vote to elect members of the European Parliament (MEP), and also use the euro as their currency. Each overseas department is also an overseas region.

Since March 2011, the overseas departments of France are the following:

  • French Guiana in South America
  • Guadeloupe in the Caribbean (North America)
  • Martinique in the Caribbean (North America)
  • Mayotte in the Indian Ocean (Africa)
  • Réunion in the Indian Ocean (Africa)
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