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Navoiy Region (Uzbek: Navoiy viloyati, Навоий вилояти, نەۋاىي وىلايەتى) is one of the regions of Uzbekistan. It is located in the central north/northwest of the country. The Kyzyl-Kum desert takes up a large portion of its territory, which is the largest of the regions of Uzbekistan (the autonomous Karakalpakstan Republic is still larger at 160,000 km2). The Navoiy region borders with Kazakhstan, Samarqand Region, Buxoro Region and the Karakalpakstan Republic. It covers an area of 110,800 km2. The population is estimated to be around 932,793 (2008), with some 60% living in rural areas. The region is named after Ali-Shir Nava'i.

Navoiy region is divided into 8 administrative districts. The capital is Navoiy (pop est 128,000). Other towns include Kyzyltepa, Nurata, Uchkuduk, Zarafshan, and Yangirabad.

Administrative divisionsEdit

Key District name District capital
1 Kanimekh District Kanimekh
2 Kyzyltepa District Kyzyltepa
3 Khatyrchi District Yangirabad
4 Navbakhor District Beshrabot
5 Navoiy District Navoiy
6 Nurata District Nurata
7 Tamdy District Tamdibulok
8 Uchkuduk District Uchkuduk
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