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Mozhaysky District (Russian: Можа́йский райо́н) is a territorial division (a district, or raion) in Western Administrative Okrug, one of the 125 in the federal city of Moscow, Russia.[1] It is located in the west of the federal city. The area of the district is 17.526 square kilometers (6.767 sq mi).[3] As of the 2010 Census, the total population of the district was 132,373.[4] Mozhaysky District takes its name after Mozhayskoe Highway, the district's major road, which in turn was named after the old Mozhayskaya road which lead to Mozhaysk town, located 110 kilometers (68 mi) to the west of Moscow, which was protecting west approach routes to Moscow since 13th century.[8]

From 1 July, 2012, the district also includes the territory of the Skolkovo Innovation Center.

As a municipal division, the district is incorporated as Mozhaysky Municipal Okrug

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