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Zanzibar West District is one of the two districts of the Zanzibar Urban/West Region of Tanzania. It is bordered to the north by the Zanzibar North Region, to the east by the Zanzibar Central/South Region, to the south by Kiwani Bay, and to the west by the Zanzibar Urban District.

For parliamentary elections, Tanzania is divided into constituencies. As of the 2010 elections the area for Zanzibar West District had nine of the nineteen constituencies in the region:[2]

  • Bububu Constituency
  • Dimani Constituency
  • Dole Constituency
  • Fuoni Constituency
  • Kiembesamaki Constituency
  • Magogoni Constituency
  • Mfenesini Constituency
  • Mtoni Constituency
  • Mwanakwerekwe Constituency