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Diemelsee is a municipality in Waldeck-Frankenberg in northwest Hesse, Germany, and is part of the low mountain region called Upland. Adorf is the district seat of this municipality.

Constituent communitiesEdit

The community of Diemelsee came into being as part of municipal reform in 1971 through the voluntary merger of the following 13 centres:

  • Adorf
  • Benkhausen
  • Deisfeld
  • Flechtdorf
  • Giebringhausen
  • Heringhausen
  • Ottlar
  • Rhenegge
  • Schweinsbühl
  • Stormbruch
  • Sudeck
  • Vasbeck
  • Wirmighausen

The community's administrative seat is in Adorf, which with a population of 1750 is also the biggest of the 13 centres.

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