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Dar'a District (Arabic: منطقة درعا‎) is a district (mantiqah) administratively belonging to Daraa Governorate, Syria. At the 2004 Census it had a population of 428,681. Its administrative centre is the city of Daraa.

The district of Daraa is divided into eight sub-districts or Nāḥiyas (population according to 2004 official census):

  • Daraa Nahiyah (ناحية درعا): population 146,481.
  • Bosra Nahiyah (ناحية بصرى): population 33,839.
  • Khirbet Ghazaleh Nahiyah: (ناحية خربة غزالة) population 44,266.
  • Al-Shajara Nahiyah (ناحية الشجرة): population 34,206.
  • Da'el Nahiyah (ناحية داعل): population 43,691.
  • Muzayrib Nahiyah (ناحية مزيريب): population 72,625.
  • Al-Jiza Nahiyah (ناحية الجيزة): population 21,100.
  • Al-Musayfirah Nahiyah (ناحية المسيفرة): population 32,473.
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