Civil parishes (Irish: paróistí sibhialta) are units of territory in the island of Ireland that have their origins in old Gaelic territorial divisions. They were adopted by the Anglo-Norman Lordship of Ireland and then by the Elizabethan Kingdom of Ireland, and were formalised as land divisions at the time of the Plantations of Ireland. They no longer correspond to the boundaries of Roman Catholic or Church of Ireland parishes, which are generally larger. Their use as administrative units was gradually replaced by Poor Law Divisions in the 19th century, although they were not formally abolished. Today they are still sometimes used for legal purposes.

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The category lists for the parishes of the six counties are{:

  • County Antrim [2]
  • County Armagh [3]
  • County Down [4]
  • County Fermanagh [5]
  • County Londonderry [6]
  • County Tyrone [7]
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