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Biharamulo District is one of the eight districts of the Kagera Region of Tanzania. It is bordered to the north by Karagwe District and Muleba District, to the east and south by Geita Region, to the west by Ngara District, and to the southwest by the Kigoma Region. Its administrative seat is Biharamulo town. Biharamulo Game Reserve is located within the borders of the district.

Administrative subdivisionsEdit

In 2002 the district was divided into 21 wards, but many of these are now part of Chato District. As of 2012, Biharamulo District was administratively divided into 15 wards.[1]


  • Biharamulo Mjini
  • Bisibo
  • Kabindi
  • Kalenge
  • Kaniha
  • Lusahunga
  • Nemba
  • Nyabusozi
  • Nyakahura
  • Nyamahanga
  • Nyamigogo
  • Nyantakara
  • Nyarubungo
  • Runazi
  • Ruziba

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